Welcome to VOZ Photography!

I am a Houston based photographer. I strive to let my photos speak for themselves. Hence the name, VOZtranslates to voice in Spanish. My art is my voice. I would love to use that to make your images speak for you as well. One of my favorite things to hear from a parent after their child’s shoot is, “Oh wow! That is so HER!” Whether its a look, a certain smile or a certain pose they naturally fall into…. There is always that one thing that makes you uniquely YOU! I strive to make each and every client as comfortable as possible so that they let their true selves peek out.

I believe that comfort builds with the first meeting, I want to know what you expect and would like to see from our shoot. Feel free to give me your ideas and ask me for help with planning outfits or props to make your time with me stress free and enjoyable!