First Photo Shoot….

While it’s definitely not my first shoot, it IS the first shoot under the new name and logo annnnd it was my first Valentine’s day shoot in about 3 years! I love that it was a Valentine’s Day shoot and that it included all the kids on my side of the family.


A photoshoot with a 17,a 6, and two 4 year olds can be challenging, but it was so worth it to get these gorgeous shots! It was a labor of love for myself and my family. Bringing them to you here on this page is very thrilling and a little terrifying!

I bought my first DSLR camera in November of 2007. I had a point and shoot Sony Cybershot, and it just wasn’t satisfying that itch I had to take better photos. I wasn’t able to recreate what I saw in my mind. (I’m still hitting walls to this day! But getting better everyday too!) So I saved up and bought my first Nikon. It was the bottom of the barrel lowest price range Nikon had that could still be called a DSLR. I still have it and still use it. I worked with it tirelessly and taught myself many things on it and upgraded it’s glass as much as I could. Almost 10 years of learning and practice has brought me here to this. ¬†And much of the journey has been learning to accept where I am and be ok with that while still striving for excellence. It’s a balancing act! I think that it’s a big part of self love though. Speaking solely for myself, I try to bring the same level of acceptance vs excellence¬†into other areas of my life. Loving and accepting where you are TODAY and yearning for where you’ll be TOMORROW are hard to reconcile sometimes.

So here is our Valentine’s Day shoot with the kids. I couldn’t think of a better way to show love than to procure and post some images I am very proud of?! I also can’t think of a better way to explain to you how much I love these 4 kiddos than to show you these images and let you see their funny personalities shine through my lens.


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