I was asked to be a part of this amazing charity event at the end of January and I was SO excited! It sounded fun and was benefiting a local Houston school. As a vendor, I donated 3 door prizes, hosted a small booth and while I was there got some great shots of the event.

At the forefront of the event was Zumba Dolls Fitness. Amanda and her team were simply stellar and worked seamlessly with the vendors to raise money for the kids of Heights High School in Houston. Everyone was upbeat and happy to be there. The participants turned out in full force and 80’s wear and made the event the success that it was.

The girls from Zumba Dolls Fitness gave it their all and definitely gave everyone there a great workout! I have attended her regular studio several times and I can say hands down Amanda is the best zumba teacher I have ever seen. She gives it her all every single time. Her other instructors are just as great. Her studio is located at 10301 Fulton Dr. in Houston, Texas.

The booster club from the school and kid volunteers were so very sweet too and made every one of us vendors feel so appreciated! I cannot express enough how blessed I was to be able to give to those kids and be a part of this. As Momo, of Momo Maria’s Balloons, put it, ” We have to help our own. Everyone says someone should help the kids. No, YOU should help the kids. If the kids are willing to work and put in their time and effort an no one shows up for them, what will they think? They will think no one cares. They will be discouraged and could possibly stop caring themselves.” I’m paraphrasing a bit here but this is the jist of it. Her words rang true and struck a chord with me. Those kids were amazed by all of the help that poured in. They happily helped us set up and break down. The president of the booster club was so gracious as well. It meant a lot to them that we showed up. So what does it really cost us to prove to them that someone does care? It cost us some time mostly… time and our talents… It makes me excited to look for other opportunities to give of my time and talents where I can. Thank you again to Amanda Saucedo (not related lol, I got asked that so many times!), thank you for the invitation and I hope you guys enjoy this gallery!


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